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Do you have a tree stump sitting in the middle of your yard? It’s time to have it eliminated. Call Affordable High Point Tree Service today, and we will get it done in no time!

Stump removal is something that homeowners don’t think of until they see the disadvantages of keeping one. Tree stumps can be hazardous for you and your children who love to play around your yard. Some homeowners even needed to buy new lawnmowers because it got damaged from tripping in the stump. It can be a refuge for pests and insects in the long run. Without you knowing it, your house is full of rodents, roaches, and harmful ants. 

If you are thinking of waiting for nature to take its course, you may want to think again. While tree stumps decompose over time, it may take a decade before it’s totally gone. We know that you want to get rid of it as fast as you can, so we recommend having it removed using our state-of-the-art stump grinders. 

Some homeowners opt for DIY stump removal to no avail. Stump removal is one of the things that we don’t recommend you perform on your own. Aside from the danger it entails, it can be time-consuming and overwhelming, mainly if you don’t own the right equipment. Even if you are persistent, the amount of energy and effort you need to pull off this task is sometimes not enough to get rid of the stump. 

For this reason, it is essential to call a company that can complete the task at an affordable price in little time. 

Affordable High Point Tree Service will first assess the nature of the stump before we offer a firm written estimate. We will consider the stump’s size, age, and accessibility in computing the service’s final cost. There are several ways to eliminate a stump:

    • Stump grinding- This method is an effective way to get rid of any stump. It requires the use of specialized grinding equipment that will reduce the size of the stump until it is no longer visible. Stump grinders can be rented, but expect to pay a large sum. This powerful tool grinds the stump little by little until the entire thing is no more. 
    • Digging by hand- Some stumps may not allow the use of machinery due to their location. If this is the case, we can unearth the stump and get rid of it. This approach is most applicable to smaller, younger trees. We will need to cut the roots and remove the stump little by little.
    • Digging with a backhoe- This is a method we don’t normally use because of the damage it can cause the soil in the tree’s surroundings. In some cases where this method is called for, we do our best to cause little to no damage to your landscape. It entails the use of a backhoe to lift the tree off the ground. 
    • Chemicals- This approach requires drilling holes in the stump and then filling it with chemicals that speed up the decomposition process. This method works best when the stump is dry and in need of moisture. 

Give Affordable High Point Tree Service a call for your stump removal needs!

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