Tree Removal

If you are still looking for a tree company to take care of your tree removal, the search is over. Affordable High Point Tree Service offers top-notch tree removal service at an affordable price. 

Tree removal is not as easy as online tutorials make it appear. Just because you own a chainsaw does not instantly qualify you for the job. It is critical to allow a licensed and insured tree company to tackle the task, not only for your tree but also for your safety. A professional tree service company has enough years of experience and training to perform the task without errors and injuries. 

Trying to DIY tree removal exposes you to:

    • Unwanted accidents
    • Endangers your family and neighbors
    • Risks the safety of your pets and property

Safety should be a top priority. At Affordable High Point Tree Service, we perform each task with your safety in mind. We don’t go around your landscape without a concrete plan. We see to it that we have considered all vital details before beginning the process of tree removal. We cater not only to residential areas but also in business properties.

Whether you have small or large trees that need to be eliminated, you can count on us to handle the job with a high level of efficiency. The need to remove a tree may arise due to any of the following reasons:

    • Dead trees- Not only are dead trees unsightly, but they also put you and your family in danger. Trees may die of old age, disease, and other external factors. Regardless of the reason for the death of a tree, it is crucial to have it removed before it causes troubles in the future. 
    • Diseased trees- If you see signs of fungus or other diseases in your tree, it is imperative to call the attention of a professional tree service. While some trees can still be saved by trimming, some need to be removed right away. Diseased trees can easily affect healthy trees, which is why it is necessary to take them down before they cause more issues. 
    • Overcrowding- Some trees grow more than what we expect. If your backyard does not permit trees to grow at a large size, it may call for the removal of some trees. 
    • Obstructed vision- If your tree begins to obstruct pedestrians’ vision of the road, tree removal may be inevitable. We will inspect the tree before we decide whether it requires pruning or tree removal. 
    • Proximity to power lines- If your tree is near any utility lines, it is crucial to have it removed right away. During a storm, this tree can topple over and cause a power outage or even fire. Don’t wait for the worst to happen before you call a professional tree service to take this tree down. 
    • Overhanging limbs- When a tree overgrows, its limbs can hang over your roof. This can be dangerous, especially during a storm. It can cause damage to your home when strong winds hit these limbs. 

Affordable High Point Tree Service is a trusted and reputable tree removal company that local homeowners go to for their tree removal needs. No tree is too small or big for our professional arborists. We are licensed, insured, and experienced. Call us today, and we will take care of your tree removal needs efficiently. 

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